Collection of selected Illustrations I made for clients and personal use.

U.S workers Need Not Apply: Guest Worker Programs Transform Cultural Myth into Reality. Illustration work for Jennifer Lee from Beasley School of Law- Temple University.
Vaccinating Against Revolution: Arab Monarchism in an Era of Democratization. Illustration work for Sean Yom from Temple University.
The Currency of Cotton: Art, Materiality and Memory. Previous work for Anna Arabindan Kesson from Princeton University.
A Novel Method for Map Plot. Illustration work for Matt Jockers from University of Nebraska
Why Read the Quran in Translation(?) Illustration work for Travis Zadeh from Religious Studies, Yale University.
Environmental education Illustration work for Geography and Urban Studies Department, Temple University
Hipsters and Bohemians in the Contemporary city
Categorical Sins: Invention, Ignorance, and the Truth in India. Illustration work for Sanjoy Chakravorty from Temple University.
A World of Difference: Local Knowledge, Asymmetric Information, and Intellectual Arbitrage in the Humanities Today. Illustration work for Peter A. Coclanis from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Black Male Youth: Intersectionality and the Schooling of Possibility and Peril. Illustration work for James Earl Davis from Temple University.
Urban education Illustration work for Geography and Urban Studies Department, Temple University
Landscapes of Death in Ancient Arabia. Illustration work for Kimberly Williams from Temple University.
Urban Education .llustration work for College of Liberal Art, Temple University
Death in Vegas: Suicide and Self-Destruction in the American West. Illustration work for Matt Wray from Sociology Department, Temple University
The Notion of Conventional Truth as a Promising Platform for Buddhist-Christian Dialogue- Illustration work for Joseph O'Leary from Theology, Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan
Biblical Beauties: Femininity, Sexual Fantasy and Violence in Hebrew Bible. Illustration work for Anne Létourneau from Religious Studies, Temple University
The Imperfect Logic of  the Anthropocene. Illustration work for John R. McNeill from Georgetown University
Jewish Privilege and the Public Good: the American Jewish Philanthropic Complex. Illustration work for Lila Corwin Berman from Temple University.
When Does Memory End and History Begin? Testimony, Tribute, and Imaginative, Re-Engagement with Troubled Pasts
The Fascist Legs of Serge Lifar: French Ballet During the Occupation. Illustration work for Mark Franko from Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University.