Medusa Olive Oil

Medusa Olive Oil, a Greek brand, from is inspired by the country’s historic mythical Medusa monster. In fact, Greece is famous for its olive and Medusa is one of the most recognizable figures from Greek Mythology. In the illustration, the snakes as hair of the monster represent the olive tree branches, and the color palate is limited and earthy to create an appetizing sentiment. Using the line from the snakes and applying them to the brand’s name, it creates unity and makes the type more special. Other decorated elements such as the traditional Greek borders, the Laurel wreath in the frying pan shaped logo add an extra visual of a Greek product.
Date: 2015
Categories: Packaging, Brand Identity
Art Directors: Paul Sheriff
Exhibition: Senior Packaging Show at Tyler School of Art
Award: HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards
HOW competition, Thanh Nguyen design