Chitter Chatter

“Chitter Chatter!” is a learning game that teaches children basic Japanese words by playing with blocks. Nowadays, chatting and texting have become popular and young children are increasingly familiar with technology. The concept uses the visual of Emoji from phone texting or web chat to teach children Japanese words that express emotions. Like Emoji, Kamoji is Japanese Emoji that is made of keyboard and Japanese characters. The blocks are designed to look like the texting bubbles and they are handmade out of wood. On each block, one side shows the real Kaomoji, the other side shows the illustration of it. The other sides display the English and Japanese words. Chitter Chatter is designed with many colors and cute images to keep up the “Kawaii” Japanese theme, while maintaining the friendly appeal for children.
Date: 2015
Categories: Packaging, Branding
Photographed by: Austin Hart
Art Directors: Paul Sheriff
Exhibition: Restaurant Show at Tyler School of Art, Tyler Annual Show
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